“I was a new High School head girls basketball coach and needed some serious help getting my teams into shape. The problem was I didn’t have the time or experience to teach them all they needed about basketball AND get them in top shape with the limited time available. Highly concerned I turned to One Up Training and Holly Tamm who set up a detailed plan based on MY schedule, made it totally affordable, and then got the job done. We won many games solely because we were in better shape than the other teams. As my program got into better shape their attitudes, confidence and overall play improved drastically. Games we had ‘no chance’ at, we won. I have zero reservations when I say that my program owes a huge part of our success to Holly and her staff for the professional and tailored workouts she provided as integral parts of our practices. I highly recommend Holly and One Up Training.”

-R.G. Catholic Memorial Varsity Basketball

“Two seasons ago we identified that one of our major weaknesses as a team was our core strength and our inability to make it through the season without an injury. We were not physically ready for the rigors of the Classic 8 Conference, or for us to be ready to move in a direction to be competitive at the WIAA State level. This season we brought One Up Training on board and with their leadership and direction, we were able to do things that have not been done in a long time with the swimming team. We captured our first Sectional Championship in over 15 years and broke 5 school records at the Sectional and State meets. The value of your organization to be able to assist us in our goals, along with the fact that you focus on the female athlete, make you a great asset to our program.”

-K.B. WNKM  Swimming

“Getting our girls volleyball team to compete at a high level, win games, and get to the State Tournament year after year at DSHA is a group effort. One major piece of our program’s success is to have our athletes prepared and performing at their peak.  Holly Tamm and One Up Training’s Strength and Conditioning program is key to our success.  Her great knowledge of body performance, her holistic approach to training, and her charismatic motivation gives our athletes and program a leading edge over our competition. Our success and results prove this.”

-D.F. DSHA Varsity Volleyball