Our Mission

One Up Training is a mobile Strength and Conditioning Company that specializes in training ONLY FEMALE ATHLETES. We are dedicated to providing the training and tools necessary to not only enhance athletic performance, but also lower the risk of injury that today's female athletes face. Injury rates among young female athletes are at an all-time high showing no signs of recessing. One of the few proven methods to reduce risk of injury is to make sure the body is strong and well-prepared for the rigorous demands of year-round sports participation.

In our sessions, our expert coaches will provide top-notch training principles designed to strengthen the entire body, starting with a heavy emphasis on core musculature--the foundation of any athletic movement. From there, all major muscle groups will be strengthened and trained in 3 planes of movement in order to best prepare the athletes for competition.

Hits From The Blog

The Dreaded 3 Letters No Athlete Wants to Hear…….ACL.

I had seen it happen to a girl on my college basketball team and had heard about it happening to a few other girls in the area, but other than that, I didn’t know too much about ACL injuries. Why would I? Nobody was tearing their ACL when I was in high school. And even […]